I'm Richard de Bas a freelance designer focussing on illustration or imagemaking. I like to say imagemaking because that covers everything I like to do, from editorial pieces to murals, from cd covers to t-shirts.

Being where I am now has taken some time, and I attended several different institutes, here's a quick rundown.

Starting in The Hague, a 1 year graphic techique study at the Haagse Opleiding voor Grafische Technieken. I got a steady base and basic knowledge of all the different aspects and disciplines in the industry. From desktop publishing, to the actual printing on an old Heidelberg with handset type.

Moving to the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam I narrowed it down to graphic design. Here I developed a solid base of computer skills.
I also got to the piont where I realised that besides playing with fonts, I really liked making illustrations and loved to take pictures.

Having completed the graphic design course I moved to the Willem de Kooning school of arts. I chose illustration as my main study. Learned lots of things, more technical skills and design theory.

I focussed on image making more then anything and the love for type got somewhat lost. I recently found it back again, so type will start to get back into my work. Completing the circle making me an allround designer.